Welcome to Green Willow Farm

Here at Green Willow Farm, our mission is to produce homegrown, handcrafted, quality goods.

We are a small hobby farm located in Westerose, Alberta. We have several animals on our little 3 acre farm including chickens, bees and goats. Our family milk goat, Didi, provides us with plenty of fresh milk, enough for our needs with extra left over and so we have crafted goat milk soap out of the milk for others to enjoy.

Throughout the year we sell at local farmer’s markets and Christmas markets, to see where you can buy from us personally, see our Event page. We also sell our products online via email orders using paypal, to order, see our Contact page.

Our goat milk soap is especially rich and creamy. We use goat milk as our first ingredient which gives you a wonderfully moisturizing soap, exploiting the full potential of adding goat milk to soap. Many generic brands of goat milk soap use goat milk as an additive, often the 5th ingredient in the bar. In our quest for creating a quality product, we found a traditional recipe for goat milk soap with goat milk as the first ingredient.

Enjoy scents like lavender, rose, vanilla, strawberry-mint, peach, cinnamon spice and chocolate peppermint! We also have unscented bars for those who prefer to go au natural.

New for the 2016 Christmas season we have collaborated with local artist Margot Soltice to create beautiful, unique gift packages of a handcrafted clay soap dish and a sampler of our soaps.

Happy browsing!

Goat Milk Soap